Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thor's Hammer

I know this bike from link of my friend's website "" back in 1999.
too bad he's not into internet anymore, I remember there were chopped magazine,DBBP,chopperdaves,mr.Barging's,greasykulture etc site on his links.

Frank Pedersen from Olathe, Kansas built this chopper back in 99.
I think it's one of the first bike who used 230 rear tire.
Frank just bought the brand new "just out" tire, even there were no wheels for it on the market.
then he bought a Dayton 15 x 7 car wheels,modified the rear section frame and made his own offset kit.
there were no wide tire kit from famous wheel company or wide tire frame from catalogs back then.

check out the Viking art work on the gastank!
it was a real be different and trying something new.
Maybe you're only care about a "no rake no stretch skinny glitter pinstripe jockey mid control bikes" kinda thing ...but let me remind you it was back in 10 years a go.

I really miss the time when you can tell a different of a bike not just from the colour....


Dre 66 said...

Yeahhh I remember this !!! it was the "om..ikut om.." era. Hahahaha, isn't that right om Vero????

Daddy Frisco said...

thats why i rather be inspired these days and appreciate every engineering artwork and give a thumbs up on every grease monkeys idea then make uneducated comments, because what we are all into? is awesome!!