Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stoned drawer

Im so amazed by how people are so talented when they're stoned!
This one from Dewa, from Kickass Bali! santey....

Friday, January 30, 2009

project 48 Pan

will start to paint this baby tomorrow...promise!

Shortster @ old city of Djakarta

I Built this bike for my friend Riri.
this bike just voted as big boys toys of the year @ Free magazine award.
awarding of one of the biggest lifestyle magazine here in Indonesia.

Zulhafid Yusuf

This is my friend Zulhafid, He's a Photographer.
one of my Favorite, actually...

He is a cool, patience and quiet...

Keiji Kawakita from Hot-Dock?

No!! this is not his work!
this one taken from my cell phone cam..
Ahha! that explain why so many shitty photos in my blog!
yeah, because I don't know shit about photography and Im too lazy too carry around a good Camera (could't afford the one I want).
But I believe that its all about the content..(at least for my own blog).
So I just snapped anything that interesting really fast with my cell phone.
I will buy a nice camera someday...maybe after my Merc is done..
Latest work of Zulhafid coming soon!

Desu's Evo

Still need many works

really happy with how the coating turns out

it's got Dual CV carburetors

Dual rear Brembo calipers..

also for the front...

Still thinking about Hydraulic clutch.

Sunday afternoon @ Reggie's

shop today

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 kickass year opening ride


ready to go

kerobokan street

to kadek's house @ Batu Bulan

Kadek & Deartha

to Ubud...thats Quz!


Deartha and Ray


stopped for lunch @ Kampoeng Kafe

Really nice place..

Beautiful view...

Delicious Food

Back to Ubud

Stopped again for another beer

another beautiful view...

I took this picture ...sorry guys...

to Kintamani...lil Carb problem..

on the way to Sangeh...

new years eve

out side Twice bar

all the way Kuta beach

looks like someone really knows how to party...

this guy rules!

Twice bar

went to Twice bar later at night.

Spray can painter

many boys spraying they Krylon..but not with a Ngaben ceremony in front of their shop..

yeah, thats my Merc.

Then Quz showed up with his 48 Plymouth.

Thats Sadek's Impala on the right.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Back

Hi everyone....I just got back from my trip.
I will post tons of photos soon !