Friday, August 29, 2008

Otoblitz show

Pics Stolen from

Knight Rider

Look behind's K.I.T.T !! uuu...scary......

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Independence Day


Heh? Hoh?


Bikini contest

Number Ten !!!!




Eleven !!!!!!!!!!

Julienne with his new shoes...

D.C with his Rubber...

Scarlet with her make up....

Help !!!!

More Frida Pose

Featuring SDX, DC & BBKL

More Adira Photos

Happy Faces at the show.

Irvan is one of them...he took so many pictures with it!

Also Herry...Wally...



The winner...

14 years with me and still won prizes..

Interview with Trans TV.


Ade and Milla

Scarlet and Chimene

Bobby Kool

Milla and Ade

Milla & D.C

Yayack, Milla , Jack John and others...

Leo & Liz.

More to come !!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

66 Impala SS

at first, I didn't want to convert it .....
but in the Country with a left lane, its more fun to drift with a right hand drive!

Hard workin

Donal's Bike

nice oil cap bor!!!

Another crazy night in Bali.

Ade, Me, Sadix and D.C

After a few Drinks...

Scarlet borrowed me her bag and hat..

Sadix want one too!

Time to go home!!


Weekdays...perfect time to watch movie!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bullet Proof

More Santey Bor-B-Q photos

on the way to my shop

friends coming...

the food, Traditional Balinese style ! and everyone crazy about it!

Ayet the man behind the sambal, and D.C

The Sneakers, First Band....

Friends inside the shop.

Suicidal Sinatra!

more friends outside...

Me and D.C


Ade after a few bottles! with her Camera !!! lets see the photos from her soon!

Devil Dice!!

Tow Cash!


Quz !

Jack John, Milla and Yayack.

No Way!

Okta and friends

Friends from Bikers Brotherhood prepare to go.

More people stay..

Robbie and Dankie from Navicula decided to play too!

More Bands!

Gotta release the belt!

Milla and Ade.

Photos by D.C and Milla, Thanks Guys!!