Sunday, August 30, 2009

Santa Fe Deli Car Show

Thanks Art !!


when we were visiting my friend Gus Agung at Sanur.

Mooneyes road to Bonneville

Santa Fe Springs, CA. about a month ago.

Guys from Mooneyes gonna start the freshly rebuilt engine after Bonneville last year.

My friend Chico, the Man of Mooneyes USA....he's the one who will race the car!

I was so lucky to be there.

as you can see the date, last year they were running 185 Miles/Hour...with the pop off gasket!!

a few minor problems...but can be handle.

and..... its alive!!!!

I was wearing ear plugs but I can still feel the sound hitting my chest!
even my camera got Hang and I had to restart it because of the vibration! (no joke,seriously).
can you Imagine the sound of V8 engine on 11000 RPM ?

adrenaline rush!

Chico makes sure everything is okay...

at the Bonneville,

with style.....

I really want to go to Bonneville again next year!

here's what I called a dedication to Speed!

and to be the fastest on the ground!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Matched screen saver

Check out the screen saver on the laptop behind him..
really matched with all the engines behind him huh?
oh ya, by the way he's not Andy Garcia..

he's Yaniv the mastermind of Powerplant motorcycles.
Coolest guy around Melrose !

Yeh Gangga Beach!

Too bad no one took any picture after...
it was totally fun !!! Quz and I was doin donuts and almost hit each other..
I want to go there again soon I finish my bike!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bali Sunset Road 09 ( part 3 ).

Bali Sunset Road 09 (part 2).


my man Dewa!!!

more bands!

Dewa and Sadix!

the race...

line up..

get set!


my friend Koy Chan from Japan with his bike

you better come next year!

Bali Sunset Road 09 (part 1).

its the 1st there will be more next year!


some of the girls...

the ceremony..

Balinese style!

nyak cak!! ( kickass in Balinese language ).

D.C ! oink..oink!!

my buddy Ray.

the stage