Thursday, April 15, 2010

see you in a few week

been busy setting out a new shop lately.

yea we also selling Fixie...
I'll let you know where the shop is when I'm back from California in a few week.
gonna check out the Hippy killer party at Winchester, Arlen Ness bike Show at San Mateo...some swap meet...some Car show..maybe Laughlin river run,Nevada.
Im gonna try to update some pics if I can....
but I'm sure I'm gonna bring a lot of cool stuff to Jakarta!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jakarta Today.

its been a nice long weekend...
I picked up Ade from Airport and went west side to check out some cars.

We got stuck at Jalan Panjang because of this big tree!

the rain wasn't so hard but I guess its just an old tree...

but check out the sky...this is around central Jakarta!
3 days without vehicles from out of town!
I love Jakarta, at least She had a good weekend too.

Murdock Moonrow

this bitchin CB 125 is owned by my friend Tiar.
nyak cak boooor!!!

the hangover decade

that's my brother Viranno...
me and Tony called him up the day before the launching and he showed up!

the next few days we just santey at the new shop.

when we got tired with the street view...

we moved to the back yard...

down there...that's where I spent my new years eve.

some kids were already skatin there even its not finish yet.

oh ya, I have a few fun project too! this one a Honda CB 250.
We bored it up to 400cc.

Tony's Skate park Soft Launching

about 2 weeks a go I went to Bali for the Tony's skate park soft launching..
I rode this bike a lot too when I was there...

My car was also arrived there...and I set it up the park for her.

many cool bands like this one which I forgot...but I know the vocalist,his name is Prima.

Catering by "Twice Diner"!

my crew....check out how busy they were!
good job guys!

Infection Fashion.

Devil Dice and crew...

about 2 months a go

at my Jakarta shop

thanks for the pics Erick!

I'm back

been so busy, I didn't have a chance to check out my blog or others...
but, I'm happy and fresh....I wish I can relax but I guess there will be the time for that.
so here's some progress:

Kickass Choppers Bali is officially moved to the new facilities,
where? only 30 meters from the old shop.
yes! we moved to Tony's skate park!
so next time you're around, stop by and have a drink with us...
Chill...or even have a spin at the skate park.

if you're more into a "go green" kinda can check out the back yard!
I know it's trendy...but if you more serious about green, you know what I'm talkin about.