Friday, February 26, 2010

Panhead that I built.

just got some new pics of this bike from my friend Tigor...he's the one who snapped it.
This is the Panhead that I built for my good friend Desu.
took me about a year to built this bike.
We love the frame so much so we decided to polished it, and from there we found that the old 1948 frame need a lot of work.
but its not everyday we work on a complete Panhead.
so after hundreds hours of welding, grinding, polishing, dremmeling etc...
we got a bottle neck frame that smooth as a baby's butt.
after that we thought, why not we chrome the frame?
even we were sure that its gonna be hard to choose the right color for this bike.

I really like the art deco style on the headlight...I think its an Electroline from the 20's.

The seat is the first color that I have, from there I kept searching for the right color for the gas tank and the fender.
because its got many aluminum color on this bike...I had to mix the paint so its not too over done.
yeah,metal flake with pinstripe just wont go with this bike.
after about twenty something choices...finally I decided champagne thin line and Candy Brandy Burgundy wine.
but it has to go with the leather color.

I modified the Radir hubcap for the gascap.
just to matched the Radir wheels that we use with Firestone tire.

the Engine...
its an Original matching number 1948 Panhead Motor that I rebuilt.
With Morris Magneto and L series Carburetor and CCE finned rocker boxes.
I use the Beehive oil filter for the oil tank and another ribbed oil cooler for the reservoir.
I use sprocket brake for Jakarta's traffic with a help from Duo Glide Master Cylinder.
the foot control...I use the pipe that supposed to be used for Mechanical Drum brake as a mount.
and then I made a pair of vintage style levers for brake and the foot clutch.

More details soon!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twice Diner

Jrx was doing accoustic last night.
many new customers, seat almost full and at least two couples made out at the booth area.

Kickass Floaters

Will gonna start to work on this beauty...
it will take a while, but Im sure we're gonna have tons of fun!!


just want to post this one....
my friend Irvan with his bike that I built about two years ago.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Twice Diner soft opening

it was 10th of February, last week.

we decided to do the soft opening of my Diner.

even we're not sure if we were ready or not.

but thanks to all our friends that came that night.

you guys made it all happened.

Rick doing his experties

Terry and Miyabi's....

the Birthday boy Jrx! my partner in the Diner.

so, if you guys around Kuta area..
swing by to poppies II and try our ass kickin food.

still in Bali

I'm still in Bali for the Diner thing and other new project.
its been so busy but I like it.
will post more stuffs soon.

Aurora Snow

I built this bike about a year a go for my friend Irvan.
He moved to Oklahoma for his study.
Im on the phone with him right now.
there you go Bor!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


its hard to ride normal when you ride with hot chicks!

Drama Queen

it was a sunny day about a few months a go...
me and Ade took the truck out, with my friend Tigor and his camera at the back of the truck.
there was Jose with his bike that I've built about a year a go.
the bike was done more than a year ago actually but Jose was too busy so we never had a chance to take a descent Photo of it.
We were just cruisin around south Jakarta and end up at our regular place that we like.
later on Sam join us to give us his silly stories.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Grand Nationals Hot Rod Show.

Mustang influenced...

Billy's truck got companies...

service, anyone?

couldn't be better!

soft color that stand out!

are you a Family man enough? thats a good excuse to build this kind of beauty.


can never go wrong with shaved four door Merc.

a supercharged Three window

or a Caddy?

Tri Ribbed Radirs....

not exactly my kind of Merc but I will take the Motor.

a chopped and paneled VW Variant station...thats something different.