Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crystal Ball

My Friend Fafa delivered Pierre's 53 Merc.

Check out the mural on the wall...
When I just moved to Mampang raya around 5 years a go,
I got help from Dewo and friends from Jogja to decorate the building..
and I asked them to draw a Fortune teller with crystal ball and a 51 Merc inside it.
The mural was made just for my every time I walk in to my shop, I will pray that someday I will be that lucky to have a chopped Mercury 51 in my shop...
Because,as far as i know there's only two 51 Mercury here in my Im gonna need to pray a lot!
Thanks God, not just 51 Merc that we working on lately....
We're gonna start to chop a 53 Merc soon!!

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