Saturday, November 28, 2009


went out for Jose's "Drama Queen" photo shoot yesterday.
the weather was so nice and complete by good friends.
Thanks to Ade,Sam,Jose,Tigor,Reza and others.
Tigor promise to give the good pics after the magazine out.
stay tune!

Kiki's Evo

more Bali pics

Friday, November 27, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Muke Gile

there you go,
the first full Photo of the Panhead I've been working on since last year.
pic taken by my friend Jose Poernomo.

car show by the beach

Me,Dewa and Joe went to this car show at Centro, Bali.
many nice cars...and old......many speech...
we stayed until late....
at the bar next to it.


one guy came to my shop today.
he just bought an 09 Cross Bones Harley.
you know....the flat black softail springer with red and white pinstriping and tons of blacked out accesories.
he was looking for taller ape hanger, taller sissy bar, up swept exhaust, ol skool style half face helmet ( metal flake off course).
he also asked me if I heard about nightster for sale.
I said: "what is nightster?"
he answered: "it's the coolest sportster ever!"
whats the different between the regular sportster? is it faster? I asked.'s all flat black and got chopped fender, he answered.
why not buying a regular sportster that easy to get and customize it with your taste? I asked again.
and then he answered with his final quote:
"I better sell my bike and then buy the real thing".



went to Soudrenaline with the boys

Seringai rocks the place!

Santey Bor....

I don't know this kid was but he got some style! maybe the T shirt! haha

KOIL was also playin overthere...
too bad it was too dark to take pictures by the time S.I.D's turn.

Bikes of Twice Bar


its a punk rock bar that I always hangout everytime Im in Bali (I even lived upstairs for a while).
so glad that the view got nicer and nicer....

more beach play pics

Nanda's Flattie

That's the guy who own it..
he live just around the corner and always hang out at my shop.
know him for years since he was living in west Java.
I want to steal this WL!