Monday, June 30, 2008

All you can eat Sushi

When we started first order...

We all love Sushi ! Order more !

2 Hours later...

Urban Fest 08

Jrx help me to prepare the booth.

Thanks bor..

Jrx is a Fuckin Rock Star !


Saturday, June 28, 2008


Again, another cool bad guy!

Really like this one!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alien Attack (continue)

Much Better?


Another one


still on the work..

Oil Tank (done)

New model stainless steel oil tank for Universal mount.

Wall Ride

John at Julliene's Bowl, Sanur.



Think again

Chopped 58 Desoto

John McEnaney sent me this photo last year when he's in Pattaya.

Berandal Poppies II

Pablo, Sadix,Gofar,Jerinx & GUSco Bar.


Alien Attack!

There's a guy ask me to help him with his Rocker-C.
Not only the seat is Huge, but the seat section on the frame is super wide!

I don't care...maybe a small seat will help it a little bit...
somebody please, just do something with it!

Wira's XL


Monday, June 23, 2008

Raw metal?

Since we're on Raw Material topic, Here's Harris Shovel and my BSA back in 2001.
I still don't believe my self why I sold the Shovel! I really miss that bike!

Gold Member

By the popular demand, Here's the complete pics...

Cape Fear

Max Caddy

My 56 F 100

I can't wait to start the build...maybe next year?


Eddie Meyer

Jason Jessee

Michel Vaillant

I used to read this comics when I was a kid, good stuff!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

50 th Anniversary of S&S,La Crosse June 26-29 2008

When we're on the taxi on the way back from this Argentina restaurant in K.L about last year,
Brett Smith ( S&S president ) told me that I'll be sorry if I'm not coming to S&S 50th anniversary celebration on June 08.
I know he's right when I have to canceled the trip for some reason.
Where else can you see 50 craziest bikes that built by 50 builders for one build off?
Here's some pics that I steal from internet.

Chopperdave's Secret weapon

Jeff Wright from Church of choppers

Special Parts Supply,Netherlands.

Keiji from Hot-Dock

Ace Cafe London

Hog Tech, Sweden

Big Bear Choppers

Bill Dodge from Blings Cycles.

Sucker Punch Sally's.

Kendall Johnson

There are 40 more bikes that I couldn't find yet.
But I've made Fred (supposed to be my room mate) promise to me that he'll let me see his photo journal soon, more pics coming soon!