Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Custom & clearance.

My Confederate frame.
Really light weight...with oil system inside the frame.
Me and my friend Gordon Lee bought two sets from this guy who sell it on eBay really cheap back in 2003. He sold it really cheap because they starting production of a new model.
its already more than 6 years at Airport's Custom & Clearance now.
I told my friend Lee not to send it via air...but that's just him, he was so happy to get a cheap frame.
Customs asking $3000 just to get it out. yes, three fucking grand tax for a $400 frame!!
they said the document blah blah blah....they said its only two motorcycle frames on the documents but they shipped it in three boxes....because the other one is for the swing arms you Dick Head!!!
We went there and tried to explain to them and they said they will help...(with3 G's off course).
oh well..I think they just want to make some money and playing Golf or stupid shit like that.
I busted my ass and bleed my knuckles for a fair job....and they just want to take money from me! talkin about Karma!

We were planning to put Buell engines on em...and build a super light weight flat tracker from it.
Lee had to come back to U.S a year after that, he bought a piece of land and live peacefully as a farmer now.
I will try to visit him on my trip next month.

6 Years....Corruption killed our dreams.....


Arif Syahbani said...

Like this (acung jempol)

Daddy Frisco said...

govmnt monkeys are everywhere these days, i got a chepo deal for my open belt drives which cost $800 usd, with shipment cost it still cost me roughly $1500 brunei dollars, when it reached here i had to fork out another $700 brunei dollars just to get it out...day light robbery! btw, that would look sweet with the new xr1200 motor if it fits!