Thursday, September 30, 2010

the return of the Super Glide

in 1971, Harley produced this beauty...its called Super glide but many call it a boat tail.

35 years later in 2006, they produced the anniversary of Dyna with the same paint scheme...very nice bike.
I always wanted to build one from the first time I saw it.

with a bot tail off course!
I don't know much about computer graphics mambo jumbo but I remember it was a long night in front of my computer...dreamin someday I will chop an Anniversary Dyna!

Lucky me...she came to my shop..
it was one of the first Rocket motor company project

you see that 35 badge on the oil tank?
yes,its an Anniversary Dyna.

stock engine was enough just added a pro tuner,good brakes and better suspension.

clip on handle bars,stock tank,a bit wider wheels and a boat tail..that's enough.
its a fun machine,easy to handle,quick response and I can stop whenever I want.

my friend took this picture about a month ago...and its the only photo of it that was taken from a real Camera, others just took from my cheap Blackberry.
I don't carry a real camera and take some nice pictures of my built.
I wish I could, but I don't have a nice Camera...
I will buy a nice camera someday,but that means Im gonna need to learn how to use it.
but its been fun lately, some new projects on the work and a lot of things going on.
I will post more of this bike soon I get a real photos.


SakéRacer said...



u r so good with chopping the bikes,
and u think using a digi-cam is hard???


btw... dear veroland boy...
i am speechless!!!

1-2 days ago i was thinking exactly of this project!!!
a new harley...
with a mono boat-tail seat!!!

100% PERFECT!!!

the only comment goes about the wheels...

a lil too hi-tek... too modern!!
but it's ok!

the bike is a kick-ass!!!!!!

bravo again!
my compliments!!!

Veroland said...

Thanks Chris!
you've got cool blogs too!
I promise I will buy a Camera.
thanks again!