Monday, September 27, 2010

more pics of the Rocket Dyna

got some emails asking about this Dyna, so here it is:

yes, it is a stock frame.
I only cut the seat section and mount a single shock on the stock swingarm.

I have some Mustang tank laying around my shop.
so I cut one Tank and split it for the gas tank.
and then I cut another one and use it as the tail that also holds the battery and electrical.

since its a Dyna, its got oil pan under the tranny so we got free room under the seat.
Oh ya, I was working on a V rod when I started to mount the girder front end on this Dyna...
So I was just playing around and mount the V rod fairing real close to the tire, and since its a girder...its possible to mount it real close because the fork moves together with the tire.

in this photo you can see that I used two similar tank, I just chopped it differently.
I moved the brakes o the left by using Sprocket brake with stock belt.

I wish I have more photos, but we already did some photo shoot for some magazines so stay tuned!
will post it soon!