Wednesday, July 28, 2010

and they said Sportsters are girls bike

This is the Sportster that I built for my friend Andy.

its got 23 inch wheels front and rear.

with this kind of suspension, the front tire looks really close to the headlight.
check out the old Morris gas cap on that brushed stainless steel gas tank.

to make the evo motor looks more classic, I use S.U carb with Mooneyes air filter.

I design the inverted brake pedal to match the inverted hand lever.

oh ya, the exhaust also made out of stainless steel.

I really like how the exhaust wrapped the back bone of the frame.

from here you can see that the back bone is a single loop from the neck all the way to the rear engine mount.

I use perimeter brake to stop both wheels and mounted it on the right side since Sportster got a right side drive pulley.

so, from the left side you can see the wheel looks clean thanks to the front spool hub.

Clear pulley was the only way to make the rear wheel almost as clean as the front wheel.

I tried to make both tires as close as possible to the engine.

the curve on the tube under the gas tank got the same curve with the rear section of the frame.

the exhaust bracket also holds the brushed stainless steel fender.
why left side exhaust? because here in Jakarta we drive on the left side of the road.
I want "in your face" exhaust when pass other guys from the right side.

photos by Ade Putri.


darrenY said...

Nice one Bor!

dC said...

ahhh... she's got colour now since I last saw.
brilliant details, bor.

"Daddyfrisco" Ray said...

you make alot of jealous sportser owners out there, i'm eager to know how it handles?? as sweet as it looks i bet, love the detail logics and i bet the backache was worth it, Dave Cook inspired, Kickass Original!.

davin said...

pak vero, itu headlight sama tail lamp nya model grill beli langsung di crime scene chopper atau bikin sendiri pak? terimakasih ya..

Veroland said...

Crime Scene, thanks.

SakeRacer said...

hei vero!

this bike is a piece of art..



only thing...
something i saw on the last pic!
those 2 brackets... holding the last part of the 2 exhaust tubes...

the 2 screws near the frame,
they were not enough??

(i know i'm being too picky now..
but we r talking about a bike really close to PREFECTNESS!!!)