Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TZ 750

so I was reading this magazine, and they talked about the TZ 750.
and I was thinking about many people said fast and too fast.
but I prefer fast enough ( but I still admire all ).

in 1975, Yamaha put a TZ 750 engine in their dirt trackers to try and beat Harley's XR 750.
the TZ is a two stroke its like twice as many firings per revolution as with four stroke motors, so its like a 1500cc motor on a Flat Track!
even too fast for "King Kenny" Roberts that he said his famous quote : " they don't pay me enough to ride that thing".
two months later, AMA banned the bike.
the photo is King Kenny him self, Rode that bike again after almost 35 years.

so, was it faster than Harleys xr 750 ? you bet.
but why xr 750 dominated the two cylinder flat tracks?
I think because they fast enough...
so anything that faster than it will be too dangerous and gets banned.

I don't know shit about two stroke motors, all I know is I love the sound of the big two stroke motors since my friend Andre Jess did a Wheelie with his CR 250 Honda in front of me about 12 years a go.
and off course, they have smoke.

Smokey....and they banned it