Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mind Blower.

I love Superchargers....the sound, the look and the power from it.

maybe since I saw this movie when I was a kid....

something about it makes it looks like it screams : "Strong!!!".

I also love 4 speed transmission...that's why I bought this Tranny from my friend Dieter about 10 years ago, because its got ribbed on the side that reminds me of supercharger.

I just got the hydraulic clutch for 4 speed transmission with kicker.

tha back of supercharger.

kinda looks the same, huh?

I just have to put Belt drive on the transmission and they will look like sisters!

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rizky mandra said...

uuu... it's arrived..?? yeaaa... cant wait to see MHRQ again bor...