Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baggers Klan

actually we finished it about a few months a go...
we had to wait for the saddlebag lock that we ordered from the dealer.
because it used to be the one with the leather bags...

yeah...Baggers are not my thing.
but every time I look at the custom baggers out there...they always have those huge rear fenders,you cover the gap between saddle bags and the fender.
or maybe to cover the rear shocks or the frame ( Im not sure what they mean ).
What I'm sure is the wide rear fender with stock tire is just gonna make the tire looks more skinny from the back.

so, I just want to do it my way...
and I've been thinkin about this for years....
but back then the biggest tire are with 18" diameter which I think is too low...
until they came out with the 20" diameter wheels with 280mm wide.

I didn't have to move the saddle all ! its on the original position.
and the tire is really fill up the gaps.
off course I have to use mono shock, made the swing arm and modified the inner side of the saddlebags to make room for the swing arm so they can move without touching each other.

and the 23" front wheel really helps to balanced the look.
specially with the 360 brake so we can see the whole five spoke without covered by a disc brake.

I know its a touring bike....
I know its not a "no rake no stretch metal flake ol skool jockey shift hard core skinny tire pinstripe" kinda thing...
but trust me, its really fun to do something new.

I really confuse which one is the cookie cutter, which one that mainstream and which one is the underground now.
all I want to do is having fun, and chopping stuff and kick some ass are really fun!




Daddy Frisco said...

respect! lets bring fun back! no rules..

Agusthya said...

kool.. it's the 1st bagger project yess?