Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Disturbing Phone call

Today, During Hectic at my shop.

Ass hole : " Hello, is it Vero?"
Vero : "Yes"
Ass Hole : " Hi ! remember me? Im bla bla bla ba..we've meet at this bla bla"
Vero : (not sure) " oh ya, ya, Whats up?"
Ass Hole :" Do you have 15 inch wheels for sale? 8"front and 10"rear."
Vero :"for what car?"
Ass Hole :"H%*#".
Vero : "I don't have it in stock, but I can order it for you..you want it brand new or second hand is fine with you?"
Ass Hole : "uh,mmm ahm...I dunno, Second hand will be great".
Vero : "ok, I will ask around..maybe some one wanna sell or sumthin".
( that second, Vero thought it will be the end of the conversation).
Ass Hole : " yeah...I'm Building this H%*#, I want a Different size for front and wider for rear( like 10.000.000 other people )...I want 15 inch Diameter, not a big diameter...its UGLY.."
Vero : "Oh..ok"
Ass Hole :"thanks".

That word "UGLY".....
Can you believe this guy? He said its ugly!
Im so sad about this "hard core old school with rules and other shit" wannabees.
What he's tryin to tell me? that he is better? that he knows shit? that custom cars have rules?
dont get me wrong...I like H%*#..and I like the classic look of 15 inch diameter wheels.
in fact, Im working on 66 Impala SS with 15 Inch Cragar SS wheels now.
and I've built 67 Mustang with those too...
But I just think that is wrong to call a big diameter wheels are ugly...
its not their fault that cost more to make it,more materials etc.
I've been reading Hotrod magazines since I couldn't even read it.
Back then, Sportsman,Kelly,Hoosier etc is a must for my dream car.
for more than 20 years I watched this style and I think its super nice.
So when they came out with a bigger diameter wheels,with low profile tires..
I think lower profiles on tires are supposed to be better on curves...better performance!
thats the key words :" Better performance" ... isn't that what "Hot Rodding" is all about?
correct me if I'm wrong...
So, Ok...Big Diameter wheels are better on curves but it will loose the classic look...I give you that!
but it just wrong to call it ugly...is it ugly or you just can't afford it?
If you're tryin to impress some one, please...try it with your work...finish your car, then (maybe)we can talk.

Here are photos of some "UGLY" cars, just for you! enjoy!

Huh, Big Deal!! they only show winners!! duuuhhh...


Ade Putri said...

Which "mendadak-builder" is calling you again now, eh? Tell him to go "mendadak-dangdut" instead yeahhh...

Daddy Frisco said...

Yeah really "UGLY" hahahahah duuuuuuh! i'll crap my Dickies, if i ever get close to one! thats ok man, i guess the fella "Just" flipped through a latest 2008 issue of Hot Rods mags and thought he could...

Ade Putri said...

Aha! Now I know. He's sayin' it's ugly just because he can't afford it. Boohoooooo... Lame you!

Veroland said...

it would be fine if he just said : I don't like that style...
you know what, Bor?
maybe I was wrong....or maybe I just don't like this guy..
it's not his fault that he's an asshole..

Ade Putri said...

Asshole: Ade Putri, you biatch! Who said I can't afford it you goddamn prick?!

Ade Putri: Forgive me, Master, for I have accusing you. I thought... Uh, I thought... *sobbing*

Asshole: Damn you. I'm as rich as Trump! I'm even more famous than Zuckerberg! I just don't know how to use ones with big diameter!!!

Ade Putri: Zuckerberg? Yer famous than him, oh Holy Master? So sorry. What's yer name again?

Asshole: Suckerbag. Just call me sucker.

Veroland said...


Daddy Frisco said...


dC said...

Hey bor...
i have a big diameter around my head & oink oink waist... try to be low profile too... & not bad around d corners (most of d time anyway)...

Fuck... that means i'm ugly!!!! arrggghhh!!!! kekeke...

whoever called is simply FUBR (fucked up beyond recognition)... time wasting loser..

ugly is not so bad =]

revdeckster said...

ha ha ha...another mr.asshole