Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Dirty Cops" by Vivid uninteractive

Whats goin on here ?

Thats is over!

What do you mean Cabron ? you wanna stop my party ,eh?

Tuff guy Huh? you want a piece of me?!? spread your legs !

Huh...Why didn't you say so?

Cheers !

lets make this party a "Real Party"!

who wants to join?

Uhm.....Me !

You naughty ! naughty !!

You're so lucky!

more volunteer ?

Me! me !!
Ok , Strip Him !!!

Ohh! yes!! we need more playa here...

Me ! me ! me !!!

Sign up and Win This Bike!


david santos said...

Apa kabar ?
Aku suka postingan mu
Semoga hari mu menyenangkan
Terima Kasih

Daddy Frisco said...

OK! where do i sign?! to win the bike of course...he he he he looks fun!

revdeckster said...


dC said...

bor... which one's got the whip?? i'm there...