Thursday, August 21, 2008

Santey Bor-B-Q

Thanks to all for coming to Santey Bor-B-Q last weekend.
I couldn't thank enough to all my friends for their help:
-Jerinx for organize everything, for let us stole your Band equipment,sound system, your staff, your bar, Sausages and your time, thanks for playin your amazing music at the events..
-Bobby for save us and teach to cook the the fish and all the Bumbu.
-Mad Made and Ommi for the spectacular Ribs! and the ass kickin Sambal.
-Ayet for the World champion "Sambal Matah".
-Sadik for Manage everything before,during and after the party!
-Eko for Manage the sound system and playin with your band "sneakers" there...
you guys really cheer up the atmosphere...
-Koko for make sure everything is goin well and ride like hell with your bike back and forward!
-Desu for keep me calm..
-Geovanni for being sooooo calm..
-Bli Tawan and Big Family of Sanur.
-Superman is Dead Family.
-Yenny, Lia, Yenny and Julienne for the salad! and more Sambal!
-Eka for your Brow things..
-Gendung for being so Gendung.
-Tonny Nugroho for being so Red !
-Erick, Dewo, Iwan, Yoga for show up so early.
-Dankie. Robbie and Made from Navicula.
-Leo, Kape and Aji from Suicidal Sinatra.
-Liz Oprandi.
-DC from Warpigs Malaysia for the boozes.
-Milla from Head Hunters Malaysia.
-Quz for being you!
-Deartha and his brother Kadek and other Pujawan's Family.
-Stuart from Ahimsa.
-Big John.
-Tommy cukong with your friends...
-Iwok, Arief,Jack John and friends from Bikers Brotherhood Bali chapter.
-Nanda from Bikers Brotherhood East Java Chapter.
-Yossy and friends from Rascal Riders Bali.
-Donal and HMT Bali.
-Tiar for playing drums with the coolest way!
-Marshello and Wiz from The Hydrant
-Lakota and her friends
-Bong Luck's team.
-Irvan Bekel and Gladys.
-Ocp from Blind Eagle mc.
-Paun Team : Ponti, Arter,Andi, Nico nyonyo, Mandra,Deded,Erick,Pak Henry, Tante Toety and others.
-Koy Chan : Bike builder From Japan who stayed until the end of the party even He didn't understand the languages!!
-Erick Smith and friends.
-LT and Yayack from Retro Classic Cycles.
-Ronnie from " The Beat" magazines.
-Rahmat, Iman, Dhani, Revi, Lucky Wija, Ical, Oki and others from Cipaku team.
-Okta, Tonny, Khrisna , Tetih, Uton and others from Chopper Baztard.
-Others that I was to drunk to remembered.

It was a perfect party, I count more than 200 people there..
it will never happened without you guys!
See you next Ass kickin Party!

Cheers, Fish & Beers!

Kickass Choppers

Veroland - Ade Putri - Wayan Arya - Dewa Bob

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