Friday, August 22, 2008

The Birth of Tarantula

I also dropped the "Tarantula" ,my 34 Roadster project to Adira Show.

That's the lovely Ade Putri helped me drive the car to the show.
The car is not 100% done...but at the last minutes I decided to bring it to the show.
why ?
Because I feel sorry for my friends who believe in his words.
I feel sorry for this guy who claims that he is the man behind the built.
I feel sorry for this guy who tells everyone that he is the brain of Vero's Yellow roadster project...Wake up dude! you didn't even know its PURPLE! hahaha!
I feel sorry for this guy who spent his time on the phone, hours and hours talked to my customers tried to proof that he is better than me while I never want to compete...
I feel sorry for this guy who never learned about ethics...
I feel sorry for this guy who tells everyone that he is so tired to have me as a customer, because I always change my mind so the car will never be done....have a good look hey master builder, its done!!! and you didn't even know it.
I feel sorry for this guy who suffered to death just to make my friends hate me...Hey sinner wannabe, You can have all my friends..from the start...I'm the one who introduce you!
...and I feel sorry for my friends that believe in him, even he got no, its your lost.
Like they said, it's not about Quantity but Quality.
it's all part of the game and you are lost.
To bring this Car to the show its not really for the show....but God! I really love my Job!!!
when I write this.. I still remember the happy faces of my friends who saw the car tonight when it just arrived at the show. that's happiness for me, and I don't think that guy understand what I feel...
because he's not worth it.
Tarantula is dedicated to all that support Kickass Choppers and proud of it.
for others who don't like what I'm doin : Go ahead , Thrill me! I'll be waiting with a big smile on my face...
I'm so blessed that every work that I've done, always had a story behind it...
I just didn't talk about it this much..

Santey bor.


dC said...

Tarantula rox, bor!!

life's too short... no time 4 pretenders & non-believers!
Fuck'em !

Ade Putri said...

I had a total orgasm driving this so-called Tarantula!!! Fabulous!!! Superb!!! Stunning!!! Damn, honey, yer fukken genius!

And, oh, nevermind about the stupid frog. He doesn't even know the difference between the purple color and yellow. Buta warna, a'? Yaaay! Screw you.

You still wanna bitchin' off this one? Over my dead bodeeeehhhh! Nuff said.

Daddy Frisco said...

Cool! Veroland did a "Busted Knuckle!" hahaha... Congratulation on the Tarantula Vero, i cant wait to see it reviewed and details of it, totally dig your attitude towards the Kustom Scene your Mojo your Style! Respect and Support Kickass i sound like i'm sucking up? heheheh joking, seriously, do i get a free oil bag or a Veroland's ribbed aircleaner or sumthin? huarghahah!

greasyhand said...

for those bout TARANTULA ! Salute, bor !

tarantula bites !

big.guzz said...

ajka jalan2 naek tarantula dooong boor... (memelas mode:on) hahahaha!