Friday, July 4, 2008

Kickass BBQ Roof Party

Bobby, Eka ,Jrx & Kappe Checkin out the Squid.

Ade didn't want to eat until the "Sambal matah" ready

Gendung and Dex, Meat specialties...

Bobby with his crazy killer sambal matah chilli !!

Kappe "Suicidal Sinatra" or "Suicidal Cook"?

Herry & Jrx...Taking care of the fish..

John , Desu and a Tester..

Sam, Doing what he does best : telling stories..

And everybody so Amaze by his stories....

Girlz talk...

My poodle "Lala" is Everyone's Favorite..

and also this guy..


Ade Putri said...

Hahaha... Whatta heaps of fun! I had a really great time! Lagi, lagi, lagi? Yuuuuk. As long as there are "the traditional-sauce makers", any kinda BBQ party would be nice!

revdeckster said...

next bbq, greasy chef " BLACK PEPPER SAUCE LAMB CHOP " but i dunno is it work for PORK NECK !!! KICKASS BBQ ROOF PARTY II

Ade Putri said...

Yea, and let's make it a BOB-BOP kinda party. Bring your own bottle, and bring your own plate. Di Bali yg kayak gitu udah biasa. Di sini kan masih agak 'aneh' tuh ya?