Monday, July 21, 2008

The Event

the best thing about old motorcycles many cool bikes!

nice side car...

Sweet Iron head.

I always love stock 56 BSA.

coolest A.J.S there..

a Chop Triumph

a perfect Hydra Glide.

one of the nicest Norton there..

Never enough for a Duo...

Hell yeah!!

Douglas with King pin Suspension own by my friend, Goy.

Hey, nineties NESS!!

I just love Mandra's Softail...Cool bike with crazy owner

My favorite there...a chop K.H.

Look at that sweet little K.H....

Sonny's WL bottom end with Toyopet top end

he built the frame from many different kind of Connecting rods that welded together.

When I was walking around with Mandra, I saw this miniature of bikes that I built about 5 years ago..
the orange one is "gangbang".

The red one is Tabasco.

Me with guys who made the miniature..

Kent ask me to be the judge of Tattoo contest...
it was so hard to choose the best one!

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Arif Syahbani said...

Nice pics!!
Nemu aja lo aja gak sempet liat2 tuh..riweuhh..hehehe