Friday, October 15, 2010

Eric's Shovel

Built this bike for this guy Eric, a good friend of mine.

actually its finished about 7 years ago

we just rebuilt it again about a year a go.

laser cutted logo on a leather

clean handle bar

can you see the similarity of the split rockers,L carb and the magneto?
we even choose the kicker pedal for a reason.

got this Tail light from my friend Raymond...I dont know from what kind of car it came from

the fork was my old collection, but I just had to put it on this bike

my favorite angle

my friend Arian13 from the Famous band Seringai gave his art work on the gas tank and the fender... love it!!

long fork rules!

yeah its a wide tire...but its a big engine so we kinda need it.

this bike is an instant fun machine!!
I will post more detail pics soon!
thanks to Tigor for the pics!!

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