Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shinya's MV Project.

I was on the way to La Verne when I decided to swing by to Azusa.
I thought it will be nice to visit my friend Shinya Kimura at Chabott Engineering.
the last time I was there, I saw this MV Agusta

there she was, standing at the corner of the small workshop..stripped..

by the guy who had this idea that still trapped in his mind.

about a month a go, I came back...
with this post I will try to tell you what I think about bike building

it's not just about the look, proportion

or period correct and expensive parts....or fuckin trend.

it's about mechanical art,

your craftsmanship

to make something real,

a three dimensional of your idea

about shape of horse power,speed,function

and also the display of your fabricating skills

and the connection of it all from any angle based on your Imagination.

so we have no rights to judge it but appreciate it,with respect.

for me, it doesn't matter what kind of style that you like.
always the process that can thrilled me,
the reward? you can ride the shit out of it!



rizky mandra said...

good writing bor... talk about dedication and what a gerahead is all about.. respect..!!

dC said...

yeah... nice post, bor.

geez... and the owner of that bike is_________.

pls tell shinya-san if he forgets to come around to collect the bike I will bear the burden of keeping it, ya.

Anonymous said...