Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mooneyes road to Bonneville

Santa Fe Springs, CA. about a month ago.

Guys from Mooneyes gonna start the freshly rebuilt engine after Bonneville last year.

My friend Chico, the Man of Mooneyes USA....he's the one who will race the car!

I was so lucky to be there.

as you can see the date, last year they were running 185 Miles/Hour...with the pop off gasket!!

a few minor problems...but can be handle.

and..... its alive!!!!

I was wearing ear plugs but I can still feel the sound hitting my chest!
even my camera got Hang and I had to restart it because of the vibration! (no joke,seriously).
can you Imagine the sound of V8 engine on 11000 RPM ?

adrenaline rush!

Chico makes sure everything is okay...

at the Bonneville,

with style.....

I really want to go to Bonneville again next year!

here's what I called a dedication to Speed!

and to be the fastest on the ground!

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Daddy Frisco said...

yeah! build something fast and go for Bonneville bor, just for the heck of it!