Saturday, July 25, 2009


haven't touch computer that much lately.
Still around Kalifornia, got Sun burnt and a bit slimmer...( i wish ).
so far have been visiting many cool shops and many cool guys.
Chopperdave at Loud fast rules, Shinya Kimura from Chabott , WCC (they show me their latest project : X-wedge on a Dominator swing arm! yes guys, Swing arm is the new rigid! ) special thanks to Big Chris. Chico at Mooneyes ( was there when they were start to crank the engine of their Bonneville modified roadster class record breaker for the firs time...crazy stuff).
Chica at Huntington beach,Yoshi at Garage company,Yaniv at Powerplant Choppers,the shop at Ventura ( they were closed!).
So-Cal speed shop,Johnson's motorcycle and off course Barris Kustoms.
Dave told me that there will be a 5th Annual King of clubs & Rockabilly road trip at Lakeside tomorrow,I think I'm gonna go there and Check it out.
Sorry photos yet!


Ade Putri said...

I am sooooo ultra happy for you! Have a massive fun, baby... Yaaay!

revdeckster said...

have a kool trip, bor !

Daddy Frisco said...

have fun bor, i wish to make that trip of a lifetime one day...