Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Ade took me cruisin last weekend..

trouble with the battery...no big deal, just the terminal.

we went to My brother's house...that's him, his name is Viranno.

Damn, I really like his house!

Dora at the gate...

East meet West! yeah...he's more into Japanese cars.

and I saw his TE 72 Sprinter almost done..

Shit...this thing looks tits!

Just like the seat I have when I was in High school

Finally he found that grille...

Four barrel carbs

love the rims!

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Daddy Frisco said...

oh your brother's project really looks awesome, sorry about the parts you were askin bout the last time, did'nt even remember about it, well, i did asked around and maaaan there sure is a whole bunch'a parts for old skool japs here and also thru the malaysian border, half cuts and whatever....the jap scene here these days are more on who's got the raddest V-tec motor....Turbo stuff are more for the drifters bor.