Friday, January 30, 2009

Zulhafid Yusuf

This is my friend Zulhafid, He's a Photographer.
one of my Favorite, actually...

He is a cool, patience and quiet...

Keiji Kawakita from Hot-Dock?

No!! this is not his work!
this one taken from my cell phone cam..
Ahha! that explain why so many shitty photos in my blog!
yeah, because I don't know shit about photography and Im too lazy too carry around a good Camera (could't afford the one I want).
But I believe that its all about the content..(at least for my own blog).
So I just snapped anything that interesting really fast with my cell phone.
I will buy a nice camera someday...maybe after my Merc is done..
Latest work of Zulhafid coming soon!

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