Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shop Today

Lil'bit & Rockster are shipped to Bali, Gonna miss those suckers!

Bushings and stuffs..

Will work on Interior of the "Disturban".

HD,Tolle & Brembo.

I Change my mind about air suspension for the seat, Mini shock Rules!


Daddy Frisco said...

hey there bor, busy it seems at KAC huh?, btw love that last shot, just wondering about that tail, it's connected to the seat pan?, nice, so how do you work the bounce and rebound?, are there limiter or stopper for the mini shocks before it hits the rear tires? or just measures and calculations, looks really cool.

Veroland said...

measures and calculations bor....Thanks!

rizky mandra said...

really miss comin to your shop bor.. hope to see you soon..!!

dC said...

love that tailight... ordered one but it never arrive... gotta go hunt for 1 at good price again...

hey bor... those bikes in Bali permenant from now?