Friday, October 31, 2008


These are my things for today besides Jrx's bikes..

GMC's Tie rods
Since the wheels are too big, we're gonna use bigger tie rods too.

Thinking about air suspension for Desu's seat.

Motor mount..

Fxr frames that we're workin on..

The left one is Yoga's, the right one is Sam's.

Wheels for the Suburban, Just arrived.

And off course, Dealing with this season of a fucked up Currency!!!
Sekuritas my ass!!!

Oh ya, I have to Kill Bill too...lots of lots of bills!
Phone bill, Electricity etc

So you're right guys, I'm really in a good mood!

1 comment:

Ade Putri said...

Aha. Nice post, even though yer not in a good mood. Love ya.