Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today , Mr. Yadi ( the guy on the left) visit me at the shop.
He is the one who help me built my engine when I was 15.
I got 1st on my class in some Drag racing back then.
He is one of my mentor and I really respect him.
Also the guy on the right ( Lil' Wolly )
I Respect Wolly much more than any other city boy that only can do talk and masturbate.
Some asshole leave stupid comments about him...
It only just make me more proud of him...because now I realize so many people envy him.
So if you want to write more stupid comments about this, go ahead...
for me...if you do it, you just sign up to be a total loser for the rest of your life.
Get a life will ya....go out, there are more interesting shit in real world than in the internet.
Look at these guys at the photo...they are doing the coolest job !
Right after we finish working on that rear end, we will test ride it with the 600 HP engine!
Full Throttle !


Daddy Frisco said...

That's why we are more commited to our lifestyles, cos we love, breath, live, heck even sometimes eat grease accidently into our mouth but it taste damn good when you love being a grease monkey or a motor head altogether, real work is about getting those paychecks from your sweaty cut bruised bleeding hands, not those paper pin pushin, manicured hands, decaf drinkin, sit in office desk all day type of asswipes, we're talkin KICKASS here, not Kiss ur boss's ass!

Veroland said...

For those of you who couldn't understand that, just Fuck off!!!
Stay away from my blog !
back to your porn site !

Jose said...

thanks wolly for finishing my new engine exactly on time. Love it a lot, like it a lot. Congratulation for the new born baby. Have a great life and big hug to your new family member "fajar".

Terima kasih wolly udah selesaiin mesin baru gw tepat pada waktunya. gw suka banget. Selamat atas lahirnya putra pertama. Semoga langgeng. Salam buat keluarga ya.

Keep up the good work guys