Monday, May 24, 2010

Eddie's Bar

I was in SF when my friend Boyke took me to This bar.
large choices of beers,big size burgers and one more thing I almost forgot...
ummm...its full of classic bikes hung inside the bar!!
any bike you name it! Excelsior,Indians,Harleys etc.
Eddie, the old guy who own the bar called me and ask if Im a mechanic or something.
we ended up talked about old bikes and he said he's been to Tanjung Priok Jakarta when he was in the Navy!

Triumph Parts Baby!

if you're into Triumph, Live in Indonesia and you need parts, just let me know.

Joker Racing

another cool dude with white hair is Jeoff from Joker Racing, La Verne.

Here's the CB 750 that he working on...fuckin rad!

the machining and mixture of old and new stuffs...

I promised him to check out his XS project after I showed him my XS project photos.

Aluminum Battery and electrical box...bitchin!

with serious material

and serious machine...

just can't get enough with this thing

the Triumph at the background was the bike that he lend me to Ride around.

they're gonna helm me to make some parts for the next project.

San Mateo


the next day,We already at San Mateo...almost 500Miles from Winchester.
totally different type of party but I enjoyed it.
Didn't really take pictures that much,from there I moved to SF for shopping Fixed gear bicycles stuffs.
oh ya, the cool dude with white hair is Arlen Ness, the host of the event at San Mateo.

Hippy Killer Hoedown

went visit Kutty's "Hippy Killer Hoedown" at Winchester.
met some old and new cool,chill and beers!
Oh ya, it was the first time I watch "The White Walls" live on stage, they're rules!

Finally! spare time!

thank you for still visiting this blog!
been busier than ever since I got back from the US trip.
set up a new shop in the central business district of Jakarta called "Rocket".
that's where I'm gonna sell some parts that I bought from my last trip.
some new cool project will happening soon.
so stay around!